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Without thinking too hard, who is the face of the WNBA? Nobody comes to mind. Who is the face of the NBA? I’m sure you’ve listed four to five players. Women’s College Basketball has been at the forefront of collegiate sports for the past few months.

One LSU standout Angel Reese recently sat down with The Breakfast Club to speak about her overnight success and controversy, which celebrity slid into her DMs and plans. One topic that stood out to me was how Angel seemed hesitant to join the WNBA. Most collegiate players have NIL contracts. College students can earn money from their name, image, and likeness.

She states, “I’m making more money than some in the league” — Angel Reese.

Sadly, the WNBA doesn’t scream job security. Most students want to leave college to become pros and care for their families, but she feels the most secure with completing college papers and early morning practices to care for her mother and other family members. As a young adult, that’s a tough choice, but if you’ve made a name for yourself like Angel, it can also be a relief to know that her mother is well taken care of while she continues her education.

My opinions are just that, opinions when I read the comments under an ESPN Facebook post on women’s basketball, and it makes my blood boil. After watching WNBA players of the past on ESPN’s Dream On documentary, it begs the question of why the WNBA has yet to reach the heights of the NBA. I have a few ideas that Commissioner Cathy Englebert and other investors need to take to make the WNBA the first choice instead of a maybe.

Here are my suggestions.

The Face Of

Each team has a franchise player meaning the best player on the team, and the team organization’s responsibility is to recruit or sign the best players around the franchise player. LeBron James is considered the franchise player of the Lakers. To keep the best player on the team, upper management and owners need to find other talents that would help support the best player.

Each team needs to bring a player in to fill the Raptors. I live in California, and I couldn’t tell you who the franchise player is for the…

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