My Hot Take on Lori Harvey

Teisha LeShea
5 min readJan 19

An opinion piece.

From Lori Harvey’s public Instagram

I usually don’t comment on celebrity gossip and rumors, but I want to bring fresh air to this situation. My Twitter feed is flooded with thoughts and opinions about Lori Harvey’s new “relationship” with Snowfall actor Damson Idris with her last “relationship” with CREED actor and director Michael B. Jordan. I put quotations around “relationship” because I don’t know if their exclusive, but many people believe that making things “Instagram Official” clearly indicates that the relationship is solid. I’ve read the comments and tried my best to give a more hypothetical answer. Lori doesn’t know me, and I don’t know her, so I will try to be respectful as much as possible.

Update as of 01/18/2023 according to Michael B Jordan was allegedly “emotionally cheating” on Lori Harvey.

The source added, “He spoke to one woman, in particular, the first half of last year. She lives abroad but they spoke and FaceTimed DAILY. They were obsessed w each and making plans for the future but it fizzled.” Another person tipped, “He slid into my best friend’s DMs a couple months ago.” Meanwhile, a third source said the relationship was nothing more than “a business arrangement.”


Lori seems very calculated when it comes to her social media presence. She doesn’t respond to negative comments or do many interviews, so many of us, including myself, don’t even know what her speaking voice sounds like. All we see is her being cuddled up with A-List and B-List actors and musicians.

It would be hard to keep quiet after reading that I’m a hoe and whatever name is thrown at me besides my birth name. Her social media footprint is squeaky, which only means those who don’t know her tend to create a narrative of her that isn’t true. I don’t know where she purchased her thick skin, but I hope she lets us know soon.

What people don’t know gets them uncomfortable, so they try to make sense of people for it to make sense.

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