Ja Morant Can’t Follow the NBA Rules

Teisha LeShea
4 min readMay 17

If he doesn’t like them, he should leave.

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I want to begin this article with terminology before I get into my thoughts and opinions on Ja Morant.

A public company is a company that has shares on the stock market for the public to invest in said company. A private company does the opposite; the people who create the company can also invest in that company. Investopedia states, “private companies can generally only issue equity to existing shareholders, employees, or professional investors.”

Where does the NBA fall when it comes to private or public? The NBA is a Monopoly which means you control price changes and make it difficult for competitors to enter the market. Thirty teams make up the NBA the total net worth of NBA owners is approximately $120 billion. Adam Silver is the NBA’s current commissioner. He’s responsible for the NBA’s image, suspensions, and media interviews and oversees the bargaining contracts.

If you’re not knowledgeable about sports, you are not aware of the rules and regulations of professional sports organizations like the NFL or NBA. Each organization has a Collective Bargaining Agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for all professional players in the league, as well as the rights and obligations of the team and player union.

“The current agreement between the NBPA and the NBA was ratified by the NBPA membership in December 2016 and takes effect from July 1, 2017, to the end of the 2023–24 NBA season.”

Section 9 of the Collection Bargaining Agreement

Before I start giving my opinion on Ja Morant, I had to read the collective bargaining agreement myself to see the rules and regulations regarding firearms. According to section nine (b), firearms are not prohibited but players must show proof of registration and a license.

I guess that Ja Morant hasn’t provided that information to his team and the owners. He mentioned in a previous interview that the gun wasn’t his, but I would push back and ask why you keep holding things that aren’t yours.

I was surprised to find that the agreement doesn’t cover social media, although…

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