Humans Suck. I Want a Dog

Teisha LeShea
6 min readNov 28, 2023

#3 I need a fur bestie.

Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

Writing Prompt: Which one of my pets is your favorite and why? [I’m] kidding — though if you want to write about that, you … can. What is your favorite pet you’ve ever had? If you’ve never had a pet — what is your favorite animal [worldwide]? If you have a pet, you can answer both if you’d like. Please outline what makes them (the specific pet or the animal you choose… or both) special. Tagging Ruby Noir 😈

I wanted to write this long-drawn-out article about my need for a dog, but I remembered I wrote something like this before on Vocal.Media. You’ll get a mesh of both stories.

This isn’t included on Vocal. Media, aka what I was about to write before I remembered I wrote something similar.

Growing up, we’ve always had a family dog, but if you ask me if I ever had a pet, I will tell you no because although labeled “family dog,” they were never mine. I never had to walk, feed, or bathe them. My dad and brother loved dogs the most, but we ladies had to deal with them. We had one Rottweiler named Hannibal.

You may be thinking Hannibal Lecter, but if I remember correctly, our dog was named after General Hannibal Baca. Legend has it that Hannibal was an African military general.

I had no say in the name because I was young, but that was one of the friendliest dogs we’ve ever had. One day, he got sick, and the vet stated that he would die soon. One day, we all hopped in the car and left. When we came back, he was gone.

We all created the narrative that he knew he was dying and he wanted to die in peace. We looked everywhere for that dog, but we couldn’t find him. We didn’t understand how he had enough strength to leave. He’s currently in doggy heaven. A few years later, my dad purchased a pit bull, and a few months later, that dog got sick with the same illness as Hannibal. I remember we had to put that dog to sleep. He became so ill.

We haven’t had another breed of dog since Hannibal; it’s always been pit bulls. I’m here to set the record straight: humans train pit bulls to be mean. All of our dogs were friendly. I would sometimes be confused because I could never picture our dogs being angry. They would wag…