How Many Scrolls Does It Take to Get to a Recent Story?

Teisha LeShea
2 min readMay 11

Ditching Medium’s pin feature

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When I first joined this platform in 2020, I read several articles on why using the pin feature to showcase your stories is essential. Creating an About Me piece was strongly suggested, showcasing who you are as a writer and what topics you cover. After it’s published, you pin it to the top of your profile to give readers a chance to know who you are. Since Medium introduced an About Me section for each member’s profile, it is optional.

Sometimes I get frustrated visiting someone’s page to scroll to find the most recent story. I’ve had the same three stories at the top of my page, and I haven’t noticed any increase in payout, followers, or read time regarding analytics.

I’m sure many users still need to update their about me pages since submitting them to the publication, I got tired of editing, so I stopped. Each new piece I publish is something unique about me. I want my readers to gravitate to what they think they’ll enjoy. Some will enjoy the ride, and others will jump off. Either way, I don’t control that aspect of the process.

It’s an excellent way to showcase some topics you speak about. It can also be helpful to the algorithm or to draw attention to a particular piece. I’ve subconsciously been doing something that has yet to add value. To try new things, we must create new habits or be open-minded enough to try new things.

Since my payout has been lackluster, I have nothing to lose. Every day I log in, I have further frustration; this week is a lack of engagement and being tagged in different stories (I’ve found a way to mute those notifications temporarily).

During my tenure on this app, I have read anyone explain that their pinned stories equate to money, read times, followers, and fans. Since the boost feature, is the pin feature necessary?

For the next few months, I plan to ditch this feature, focus on quality, and ensure that my recent poem, article, or essay is up to my standard as a storyteller.

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