A Poem: The Scent That Lingers

Teisha LeShea
Jun 21, 2023


Dedicated to my grandmother

Late at night, while I’m fast asleep

My senses are at their highest peek

Moving to gear two during my REM

A familiar smell that I inhale in

I open my eyes looking for you

The scent disappears once I notice you

The cigarette smoke I got a second wind of

Placed between her index finger and middle finger

Rests a stick full of nicotine

With your green ashtray on the other side of you

You watch me sleep as you take your last puff

effortlessly dabbing your cigarette to stop the burn

Granny, I can’t see you

But I feel you.

You might’ve been ready, but I wasn’t

I appreciated you as you did me

Although the smoke triggered my allergies

It’s one smell I wouldn’t mind inhaling once more





Originally published at https://teishaleshea.substack.com.