A Maze of Unwanted Advice

Teisha LeShea
7 min readNov 23, 2023

#8 I love ya’ll, but I didn’t need to hear it.

Photo by Vidar Smits on Unsplash.

Prompt: The people in my life are very important sounding boards for me.

Tell me the best AND worst advice you’ve been given from each of the following people:

1. One (or both) of your parents.

2. A sibling (if you don’t have siblings — skip this, obviously) or significant other (current if you have one, former if you’re single).

3. Your best friend (if you have more than one best friend, do it for each person you use this term about).

4. Your grandparents (even if they’ve passed on as long as you knew them during your life — do this. If they never gave you advice, maybe list advice they gave your parents).

5. List things you feel you’ve learned from your pets (current or former, or skip if you’ve NEVER had pets, but that’s just sad… get one. Seriously. Right now!!!).

6. Who in your life have you learned the most from?

7. Who is your first call when something is wrong?

8. Who is your favorite person? What makes them your favorite?

9. Do you tend to be friends with people who are more like you or more opposite of you (birds of a feather vs opposites attract)? Does the same hold [proper] in terms of your romantic history? Why do you think that is? Answer all of the things in this prompt!

You gave me a lot to think about. Miss Ruby Noir 😈, my anxiety pill is kicking in to help me sleep, and I’m curious about what in the world I will type. I want to finish this before bed to see how it goes.

One (or both) of your parents

First and foremost, I’m at the age where I understand that my parents did the best they could with the knowledge they had. I am their first; unfortunately, I became the guinea pig on what parenting tactics worked and the ones that didn’t.

I love my parents.

I am still determining where I would be without them, but their advice as a teen girl could have been better. Surprisingly, the recommendation was about boys, of course.