39 Jobs and 1 Interview Later

Teisha LeShea
3 min readMay 12

Still Jobless for now

April is usually a time I celebrate my victories. One victory I have is new employment. As we all know, April is the month of transition. From the weather to our thoughts, April is usually when we experience chaos. In the past, I’ve always aced my interviews, gotten job offers, and started new jobs. I was optimistic that this time around wouldn’t be any different. We all have our seasons, and April is usually mines.

Since mid-March, I’ve been hitting the ground running with applying for jobs and submitting applications to my dream companies with a new and improved job title. I’ve invested much of my money and time to revisit my resume, update my LinkedIn account and meet with a career counselor.

I’ve applied to 39 jobs, and out of those 39, I received one interview. Hopefully, I will get a phone call this week (fingers crossed). A lot of these job applications expire this week. I expect to get the “After review of your qualifications, we have decided not to move forward” emails this week. At one point, I was applying for any job, whether I had the qualifications or not.

I told myself I would apply to at least two jobs daily for my mental health. To keep me motivated, it’s best to take some time to use and the rest of the day to recharge and pray.

I’m the first person to tell you that things happen when they are supposed to, not when you want them. In the meantime, I will hop back on my horse to healing and practicing the tools my therapist provided.

I haven’t been taking care of myself. Not mentally, physically, or spiritually and I have nobody to blame but myself. Last week I drank Gatorade more than water because I felt dehydrated and doubling up on my anxiety meds because I forgot to breathe.

I’m an overthinker, and where has it led me? To more overthinking. It’s a terrible mental cycle, if not handled, that has bled into other aspects of my life.

My “recession-proof job” isn’t getting me the leads I was hoping for, and I have brought sadness and frustration, but I know I’m not alone-TikTok videos of millennials suffering post-pandemic.

Although it doesn’t make anything better, it has brought some comfort in knowing that although we share the same stories, the outcomes can be the same. It’s just taking patience and tons of positive self-talk.

It will get better, and I will get better. I need to recharge.

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Update: I may have a temp job opportunity in the works fingers crossed. I want to discuss it once I’m 100% certain. Thank you all for all of your words of encouragement. As of 05/09/2023 I had a phone screening with one of my dream places of employment.

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